Dr. Moya invited to the Plastic Surgery 2017 meeting as a Major Weight Loss Panelist

Alexander P. Moya, MD has been invited to Plastic Surgery The Meeting 2017 (the American Society of Plastic Surgeons® annual meeting) as a panelist for a continuing medical education session on major weight loss surgery, titled Major Weight Loss Patient: An A-Z Deep-Dive. Member surgeons of the ASPS will have the opportunity to gain insights into treatments for patients undergoing body contouring surgery after weight loss from experts like Dr. Moya and his fellow panelists during the three-hour session.

From the ASPS: “This session will focus on innovative truncal reshaping procedures after major massive weight loss. It will provide insight into different approaches for similar problems. It will encompass all major areas of the trunk including extremity, breast, and buttocks. Emphasis will be on patient selection, techniques, pitfalls, suboptimal results, and patient safety.”

Dr. Moya has had the privilege of presenting at numerous plastic surgery symposiums over the years, focusing his attention primarily on The Corset Body Lift®. Created for his weight loss patients in 2006, The Corset Body Lift® is a life-changing abdominal and waistline contouring procedure. Unlike other body contouring procedures that direct their focus on the lower abdomen, The Corset Body Lift® targets and reshapes the entire abdomen (above and below the belly button). It also enhances the waistline by directly addressing loose skin below the breasts/chest (including “bra-line” skin along the sides and back) as well as the hips. Dr. Moya’s trademarked procedure can be customized for each patient to provide a beautiful hourglass silhouette in women and full-length tapered torso in men.

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