“Game Changer”: Corset Body Lift® Highlighted

Blogger Melissa Chapman offers relationship advice and receives many letters from readers asking for her expertise. As recounted in a post on Smart Beauty Guide, Chapman shares the story of one such letter writer who had recently lost a dramatic amount of weight and was dealing with the embarrassment of extra skin. Perhaps previously unaware of the challenges that face people after major weight loss, Chapman investigated various treatments and found the Corset Body Lift®.

Apparently, most patients who undergo massive weight loss end up having to contend with the extra skin – yet another hurdle they need to face when it comes to feeling comfortable in their new bodies. And while this removal can be done in a myriad of different ways, her letter inspired me to do some research and in doing so I came upon a relatively new procedure called The Corset Body Lift which not only removes the excess skin post weight loss, but also contours the body. According, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Alexander P. Moya, The Corset Body Lift is a single-stage procedure that comprehensively addresses multi-dimensional skin redundancy of the abdomen and waistline. – Melissa Chapman,

Read the rest of the post here: The Corset Body Lift Can be a Game Changer after Massive Weight Loss.

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